Early Scoliosis Detection

early scoliosis detection hamiltonThe most common type of scoliosis begins during adolescence. Early discovery helps minimize the effects and increase the chances of maintaining optimal function.

Early signs of scoliosis can appear around 10 years of age and may include:

A simple test and thorough assessment by a chiropractor can help detect the early signs of scoliosis.

What is a scoliosis test?

Scoliosis can be detected with a simple forward bending test. The patient is asked to bend forward from the hips so that a trained practitioner can look at shoulder blade prominence, body contour, hip and shoulder alignment, and muscle imbalances that might indicate scoliosis.

A thorough physical examination by a chiropractor is also included.
If scoliosis is detected, you may be referred back to your family doctor for x-rays to determine the extent of the spinal curve.

What are the benefits of early scoliosis detection?

Scoliosis tends to be progressive, so early detection and intervention can help minimize its effects.

Curving of the spine is both painful and debilitating. Early detection allows your care team to develop a personalized plan for treating the pain and mobility issues caused by scoliosis in order to maintain your level of functioning.

Scoliosis testing is simple and non-invasive. Contact us about early scoliosis detection.

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