Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE)

Functional Abilities EvaluationFunctional abilities evaluation is an important part of the return to work process. Returning too early, or doing too much too soon, may cause symptoms to return or worsen and increases the risk of re-injury.

Main Street Health conducts in-depth FAEs.

What is functional abilities evaluation?

Functional abilities evaluation is a series of tests and observations. It checks the physical capacities of a worker and compares them to job requirements to see if the individual can safely return to work.

Functional abilities evaluation is also called functional capacity evaluation (FCE).

What is functional capacity?

Functional capacity is a person’s ability to perform specific tasks. It is a combination of several physical capacities:

  • strength
  • mobility
  • flexibility
  • endurance
  • tolerance

What is the purpose of functional abilities evaluation?

Functional abilities evaluation is a common assessment for work-related injuries. The purpose is to ensure a safe and sustainable return to work.

By comparing the results of FAE/FCE to specific job requirements, evaluators can tell if it’s safe for you to go back to work.

FAE/FCE can also:

  • identify risks for re-injury
  • indicate further treatment requirements
  • suggest accommodations, restrictions, or modifications for returning to work

What’s involved in functional capacity evaluation?

FAE/FCE tests and re-tests all work-related functions. The testing procedures allow evaluators to assess:

  • work endurance
  • seated work tolerance
  • static and dynamic strength
  • whole body range of motion
  • standing and walking work tolerance

All components of work activity are analyzed, including:

  • sitting
  • walking
  • balancing
  • pushing and pulling
  • reaching and lifting
  • gripping and handling
  • crouching and kneeling
  • feeling (sensory perception)
  • bending forward, climbing stairs

The final assessment report may incorporate:

  • objective performance results
  • subjective responses from the individual
  • observations and conclusions of the evaluators

Main Street Health is dedicated to optimal rehabilitation and health. That means making sure workers go back to work only when they’re ready. To make sure your return to work is safe, book your functional abilities evaluation today.

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