Joint Pain

Joints are what allow our bodies to bend and move. Joint pain can limit our range of motion, making it difficult to participate in sports or even perform daily activities.

All pain is unpleasant, but joint pain can be especially difficult to manage because we use our joints so much.

The team at Main Street Health specializes in pain management and rehabilitation. We offer a variety of treatments and products targeted for joint pain relief.

What is chronic joint pain?

Joints are places in the body where bones and other tissues meet — neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, and knuckles.

Chronic joint pain is the regular or recurring sensation of burning, shooting, or aching pain in joints. It ranges from mild to severe and can affect any joint in the body. It can even affect several joints at the same time.

By contrast, acute joint pain occurs suddenly, usually as the result of trauma, and may come with joint swelling.

What causes joint pain?

Joint pain is often caused by inflammation, either of the joint itself or of the surrounding tissues. Joint inflammation can be caused by injuries, repetitive movements, or certain medical conditions.

Common causes of joint pain include:

  • arthritis
  • tendonitis, bursitis
  • strains, sprains, dislocation
  • repetitive motion at work or in sports
  • fibromyalgia and other pain syndromes
  • diseases such as bone cancer and leukemia
  • chronic conditions such as lupus, hypothyroidism

Sudden, unexplained, or severe joint pain should receive immediate treatment. Aching joints can often be relieved with regular therapy.

What are joint pain treatments?

The rehabilitation specialists at Main Street Health offer a number of options for natural joint pain relief. With several therapists in a single location, we’re uniquely equipped to provide personalized, comprehensive treatment to ease sore joints and improve joint function.

Joint pain treatments may include one or more of the following:

Specific joint problems, such as knee or hip pain, may benefit from custom orthotics . In the case of knee pain caused by obesity, therapy often focuses on weight loss. Whatever the cause, your rehabilitation plan will be customized to relieve your joint pain, improve mobility, and promote overall joint health.

If you want to know how to relieve joint pain and even keep it from coming back, contact Main Street Health.

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