Assistive Devices

Assistive DevicesAssistive devices help you maintain independence as you heal from surgery or injury, in spite of chronic conditions, or simply as you age. They range from walking aids like canes and crutches to full mobility aids like wheelchairs.

Main Street Health offers the following assistive devices for sale or rent*:

  • crutches
  • walking sticks
  • wheeled walkers
  • wheelchairs and scooters

You may require a mobility aid as the result of:

  • surgery
  • sports injury
  • osteoarthritis
  • workplace injury
  • motor vehicle accident
  • chronic pain or other condition

Consult your Main Street Health team to determine whether and which assistive device might help you.

Benefits of Assistive Devices

Even if you have some mobility, you can still benefit from an assistive device.

Mobility aids help you:

  • move around more easily
  • remain safely and comfortably independent
  • reduce stress and wear on weak or injured joints / muscles
  • return to your normal (or at least close to normal) functioning sooner

Contact Main Street Health to purchase or rent* your assistive device today.

*Rental available in specific cases only. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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