Custom-Made Orthotics

custom orthotics hamiltonOrthotic devices, or orthoses, help treat and correct orthopedic problems. They are most commonly applied to the feet in order to support and realign the musculoskeletal system.

Custom-made orthotics are specifically designed to fit your feet and address your exact condition.

Common problems treated with custom foot orthotics include:

  • arthritis
  • flat feet (pronation)
  • foot pain and fatigue
  • neuroma (burning on ball of foot)
  • sports injuries to the feet or ankles
  • in-toe, out-toe, or flat feet in children

Because malalignment of the feet puts stress on other joints and muscles, custom orthotics can also be used for:

  • knee pain
  • back pain
  • leg pain and fatigue

Your Main Street Health therapist will assess your needs and help you choose the best orthotics option.

custom orthotics with metascan

Common types of foot orthotics include:

  • flexible orthotics like custom fit insoles
  • shoe inserts like arch and heel supports
  • semi-rigid devices like ankle-foot orthotics

Benefits of Custom Orthotics

The main benefit of anything custom is that it’s made to your exact specifications. In the case of custom orthotics, this means a comfortable fit that relieves pain and corrects alignment.

Additional advantages of custom-made orthotics include:

  • increasing stability in joints
  • preventing foot problems from causing other issues
  • improving performance by restoring proper, pain-free function
  • enhancing overall quality of life

Many health insurance plans cover the cost of custom orthotics, and Main Street Health works directly with several providers. Learn more at your orthotics consultation.

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