Ankle Braces

foot and ankle braces hamiltonAnkle braces and supports help you maintain daily function or sports activities after injury or surgery, or in spite of ankle pain.

Main Street Health offers a wide array of ankle and foot braces, including flexible, semi-rigid, and rigid options. Our expert team will help you find the perfect type and fit.

Among our selection of ankle support products are:

  • ankle splints
  • ankle support wraps
  • ankle stability braces
  • ankle sleeves (ankle compression)
  • foot braces and ankle-foot orthotics (AFOs)

The best ankle brace for you will depend on your reason for bracing. You may even use different types of ankle protection for different activities or at different points in your recovery.

Common reasons for ankle support include:

  • ankle pain
  • ankle injuries
  • unstable ankles
  • ankle or foot surgery
  • ankle or foot fractures
  • foot problems (bunions)
  • protection against work injuries

If you have any of these conditions or think an ankle brace might increase your safety and improve performance, visit our team for a complete assessment.
In some cases, ankle braces are covered by extended health benefits.

Benefits of Ankle Support

The right ankle brace can increase your safety and comfort during sports and even daily activities by:

  • reducing the risk of injury or re-injury
  • speeding healing after injury or surgery
  • alleviating pain and swelling from injury or surgery
  • increasing stability and preventing improper movement

To get these benefits, you need a properly fitted brace designed for your particular condition and use. The team at Main Street Health will help you find the right brace and fit. Book an appointment to review the options.

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