Acute & Chronic Pain Program

Main Street Health offers a multidisciplinary approach to acute and chronic pain management. Our team works with family doctors and other healthcare professionals to help patients cope with pain and maintain their usual daily routines.

Treating acute pain helps keep it from becoming chronic and increases the chance of continuing regular activities.

When pain lasts beyond the scope of injury, it becomes chronic pain. Conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can also cause chronic pain.

Whether it’s acute or chronic, pain can make it difficult to participate in or enjoy everyday activities. Managing pain is essential to preserving quality of life.

Benefits for Patients, Families, and Doctors

The Acute and Chronic Pain Program at Main Street Health benefits pain patients, their families, and their doctors.

For patients, the program offers a variety of treatments and tips for managing pain. You’ll also receive advice and support for coping with pain and continuing your daily routine as best as possible.

Family members and caregivers learn techniques for helping their loved ones cope with pain and for managing their own stress and health.

For doctors, referring patients to our program allows them to focus on more pressing medical concerns without sacrificing patient care.

Multiple Tools for Managing Pain

The Acute and Chronic Pain Program at Main Street Health includes a variety of pain management therapies. Participants in the program get an individualized treatment plan to address their particular needs. Each plan is created with the support of our pain specialist doctor.

Possible treatment methods include:

Your personalized pain management program starts with an in-depth assessment by our professional team. Based on the results, we design a multi-therapy program to relieve and manage your pain.

For more information or to enroll in the Acute and Chronic Pain Program, contact Main Street Health.

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