Kinesiology can be used to treat a wide range of injuries and conditions. It combines with other therapies to get you back to a normal daily routine as soon as possible.

What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the study of human movement. Applied kinesiology includes a variety of treatments to return and maintain proper body function.

Common kinesiology treatments include:

  • heat
  • stretching
  • therapeutic ultrasound
  • interferential current (IFC) therapy
  • strength and conditioning exercises

Kinesiologists also perform gait assessments , home and workplace evaluations, functional ability evaluations (FAEs), and more.

What is a kinesiologist?

A kinesiologist is specially trained in the science of human movement. They use this training to prevent, assess, and manage all manner of injuries and chronic conditions.

Kinesiologists are licensed and overseen by the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario.

What conditions does kinesiology treat?

Kinesiology can be used alone or with other methods of rehabilitation to treat a wide range of health concerns.

If you’ve experienced any injury, surgery, disability, or chronic condition, a kinesiologist can help get you back to your normal routine. Learn how at a consultation.

What are the benefits of kinesiology?

Kinesiology is all about restoring your usual level of functioning. Specific treatments and benefits will depend on what’s normal for you.

General benefits of a kinesiology program are:

  • improved stability
  • increased strength
  • reduced risk of injury
  • greater overall fitness
  • better, easier performance of everyday tasks

Is kinesiology covered by insurance?

Kinesiology is not covered by OHIP, but it may be covered by your extended healthcare plan. It may also be covered as occupational therapy for work-related (WSIB) injuries .

Other Common Questions

Does kinesiology treatment hurt?

Some exercises may be difficult as you build strength, but they should not hurt. In fact, the kinesiologist’s goal is to reduce or eliminate pain.

How long does kinesiology treatment take?

The duration of your kinesiology program will depend on the gap between your current and normal levels of functioning. Generally, the more diligent you are in following the program, the faster you’ll reach your goals.

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