Trigger-Point Therapy

Trigger-point massage therapy focuses on specific tight spots in the muscles. These tight spots often trigger pain in other parts of the body, hence the name trigger points.

What is trigger-point therapy?

Trigger-point therapy is a specific type of massage therapy. Trigger points are tight areas, or knots, in the muscle that create pain in other parts of the body (called referred pain). For example, chronic headaches may actually be the result of a trigger point in the neck or shoulder.

In trigger-point massage, the therapist isolates these trigger points and alternately applies and releases pressure. Eventually, sustained pressure causes the trigger point to release.

How does trigger-point therapy work?

When a trigger point releases, blood flow to the area increases. This helps alleviate muscle spasms and breakdown scar tissue. It also allows any built-up toxins to drain.

The result is less pain and greater movement in the areas affected by that trigger point. In some cases, it can also completely relieve referred pain.

Is trigger-point therapy right for me?

Not all pain is the result of trigger points. Plus, trigger-point therapy may be just one part of an overall massage treatment plan. Only a massage therapy consultation can determine what will work best for you.

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