Active Release Technique (ART)

Active release technique is a movement-based therapy for treating soft tissue injuries. It’s popular with athletes because response tends to be rapid, allowing them to return to training quickly.

With a success rate over 90%, ART is one of the most sought after soft tissue treatments available.

The team at Main Street Health includes ART practitioners.

What is active release therapy?

Active release therapy is a set of patented soft tissue treatment techniques. Each ART session is actually a combination of assessment and treatment. The ART provider manually evaluates the tightness, texture, and movement of soft tissues, then uses precisely directed tension and specific patient movements to treat problems.

What are soft tissues?

Soft tissues are everything around our bones and organs — muscles, nerves, and connective tissues.

Connective tissues include tendons, ligaments, and fascia.

What conditions does active release technique therapy treat?

ART treats soft tissues, not bones or joints. It is one of the best treatments available for repetitive strain injuries.

Common conditions treated with ART include:

  • knee pain
  • headaches
  • shoulder pain
  • plantar fasciitis
  • back pain / sciatica
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • tennis elbow, shin splints, etc.

What are the benefits of active release technique?

Soft tissue injuries can be hard to treat, so the fact that ART focuses on soft tissue is a major benefit.

Other benefits of ART therapy include:

  • rapid response time
  • high success rate (over 90%)
  • gentle, effective treatment of soft tissue injuries
  • restoration of muscle function and range of movement

To learn more about ART and how it can help relieve pain and restore movement, contact Main Street Health to book a consultation.

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