Muscle Stretching and Strengthening

Your muscles play an important part in daily living. Toning and strengthening muscles isn’t just about bulking up or adding definition. Healthy muscles make movement easier, reduce the risk of injury, and can even increase bone density.

Main Street Health is dedicated to ensuring optimal health. That means helping you prevent injuries as well as recover from them.

What is muscle stretching and strengthening?

Muscle stretching and strengthening is a low-impact, low-cardio exercise program designed to build and protect muscles.

Our therapists work together and with you to develop a comprehensive, individualized set of stretches and exercises that take into account your goals and abilities.

Start your program now with a physical assessment.

What are the benefits of muscle stretching and strengthening?

Exercise and stretching go hand in hand. Each has its own benefits, and together, they offer several advantages:

  • improved athletic performance
  • decreased muscle deterioration
  • reduced risk of injury or chronic pain
  • better ability to perform everyday tasks

Benefits of Stretching

Stretching can be beneficial all by itself. Benefits of stretching exercises include:

  • improved flexibility
  • reduced muscle / joint pain
  • increased blood flow to muscles
  • greater range of motion in joints
  • release of tension / lower stress levels

Benefits of Strength Training

Strengthening your muscles does more than just help you lift heavy objects. Some other benefits of strength training exercises are:

  • better balance and coordination
  • more lean muscle mass, less fat
  • faster, more efficient calorie burning
  • maintained or improved bone density
  • less risk of osteoporosis, fracture, joint injury

Strong, well-defined muscles also make you look thinner.

You can stretch and strengthen your muscles at any age and in just about any physical condition. You don’t even have to hang out at the gym. With a program designed by a professional, you can work towards your goals in the comfort of your home.

The knowledgeable therapists at Main Street Health can show you simple, effective stretching and strengthening techniques to get and keep you healthy.

Start your strength and flexibility training with a thorough, personalized physiotherapy assessment.

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