Low Back Pain

low back pain treatment hamltonThe lower back plays a key role in stability and movement. Strain or injury to lower back muscles, or problems with the lower spine, can have a huge effect on mobility and health. Problems in the lower back can also refer pain to the hips, legs, and upper back.

Main Street Health offers a number of therapies to treat the various causes and effects of low back pain.

What are the causes of lower back pain?

Because the back is large and complex, there can be many causes of low back pain. The problem could be related to the spine, hips, sciatic nerve, or lower back muscles.

Some of the most common causes of low back pain are:

  • sciatica
  • pregnancy
  • work injury
  • sports injury
  • pinched nerve
  • osteoarthritis in back
  • slipped disc, bulging disc
  • scoliosis or spinal stenosis

You might also be at risk for lower back pain if you:

  • are obese
  • have bad posture
  • sleep on your stomach
  • feel stressed or anxious

Our therapists can help determine your reasons for lower back pain when you book an assessment.

NOTE: Severe back pain may be a sign of a more serious problem. Contact your doctor or emergency medical care if you have sudden, severe, or unexplained pain in the lower back.

How do I alleviate lower back pain?

Just as there are many possible causes of low back pain, there are also many possible treatments. At Main Street Health, our team creates a personalized program based on your specific lower back pain causes.

Possible therapeutic treatments include:

  • acupuncture
  • physiotherapy
  • chiropractic care
  • massage therapy
  • stretches and exercises for lower back muscles

You can also use various back pain relief products between therapy appointments:

  • pain relief gel
  • TENS machine
  • hot/cold packs
  • custom orthotics

Medication may be enough for the occasional sore back, but if you experience chronic low back pain, you need treatments that strengthen the lower back as well as relieve pain.

At Main Street Health, you can access several back pain treatment options with one point of contact. It’s that easy!

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