Custom Support Braces

Physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Some activities, though, put you at risk for injury. Some conditions also make certain activities difficult.

Don’t let an injury or medical condition stop you from participating in activities you enjoy. Main Street Health offers a variety of athletic supports and orthopedic braces to keep you moving comfortably and safely.

Our selection braces and supports includes:

  • shoulder braces
  • elbow braces
  • wrist braces
  • hand braces
  • knee braces
  • ankle braces
  • foot braces

Our friendly staff is happy to help you find just the right support. We can also help you find out whether support braces are covered by your insurance plan . Visit or contact us.

Benefits of Braces & Supports

Many physical activities put your joints at risk for injury or stress. This risk increases if a joint is weakened by previous injury or surgery, a medical condition, or chronic joint pain.

Athletic supports and orthopedic braces minimize your risk of injury by:

  • increasing joint stabilization
  • ensuring proper joint support and movement
  • providing additional joint protection after injury or surgery
  • reducing pain or inflammation that restricts range of motion

It’s not just sports that put you at risk for injury. Joint support helps prevent many workplace injuries, too. Even low-impact activities like walking or swimming can stress already weak joints and result in strains or sprains.

Let the knowledgeable staff at Main Street Health help you get a comfortable, top-quality support brace.

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